In 2017, Animal Rights Activist Malcolm Klimowicz peformed a citizen’s inspection of 5 Southern Ontario mink farms and recorded shocking animal cruelty in order to document a systemic culture of neglect inherent within Canada’s fur industry.

A lawyer drafted a legal complaint which Mr. Klimowicz handed over to the OSPCA along with the footage. The complaint documented observations of dead, injured, and infected animals being denied medical treatment. Unsanitary living conditions - cages and rotten food covered in feces. Sludge pits of urine releasing toxic ammonia fumes, and other forms of neglect. The footage was released online and dozens of media stories were generated - turning public opinion against the fur industry. Shamefully, the OSPCA took no action despite overt video evidence.

A few months later, Police laid 3 charges of break & enter (at 3 different mink farms) despite the fact no property damage or other crimes had been committed. After lengthly legal proceedings, two charges were defeated but Mr. Klimowicz is now unjustly facing a 10 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE for simply filming at the Walt Freeman mink farm in Battersea, ON (near Kingston). These court cases have been coined the #MinkTrial


Courage in the face of cruelty. Courage in the face of censorship.

Activists protest the arrest of Mr. Klimowicz at the Durham Region Courthouse - 2018

Recently, a similar criminal case - #PigTrial2 where activist JennyMcQueen rescued an injured piglet from a pig farm near London, ON was thrown out and all charges were dismissed. This has lead to animal agriculture groups aggresively lobbying the government to enact tougher legislation against those who document cases of animal cruelty on private property.

Industrial fur farms and other animal agriculture sectors are self regulated. That means good and caring people like you rarely see the prolific animal suffering which is necessary to keep these industries profitable.

Animal Ag spends millions humanewashing their brutal and violent slaughter of countless intelligent and self aware living beings. They feed the public disinformation in carefully planned out campaigns. That is why it is so important when that unreality is shattered by brave individuals who show courage in the face of cruelty and courage in the face of censorship despite risks to thier own well being. You have a right to know the truth. Animals need us to tell thier stories so that people can act on thier compassion and refuse to participate in thier oppression.

Stand with Malcolm in court against the multi-million dollar animal ag industry who is trying to silence whistleblowers and intimidate people who expose the truth!

We are planning to use this courtcase as an opportunity to put the fur industry on trial in the court of public opinion and draw more attention to the plight of animals suffering in our own backyard. Please attend & share widely!

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